Clock Tower

Market Square
Chrisp Street
E14 6AQ

Chrisp Street’s Clock Tower was designed¬†by Frederick Gibberd as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations the 1950s. Gibberd wanted it to be the focal point of the market, as well as a local viewing point. For practical purposes the tower contains two staircases – one to go up and one to come down. There were no awkward collisions in Gibberd’s vision for Chrisp Street Market!

The¬†concrete framework of the landings and staircases are exposed on the outside to form a unique pattern of pale diamonds up the sides of the tower. At night, Gibberd’s masterpiece is lit by purple and green floodlights, giving Chrisp Street an all-year-round festive glow.

You can climb up the tower whenever the Lansbury Micro Museum is open – click here for more details.

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