Welcome to MyPPLR

10 March 2017

Welcome to MyPPLR

We are so glad you found us!

How it all started…


Our PPLR journey began around 4 years ago when we opened a conversation with the local community about what Poplar is, and could be. The idea grew out of a shared frustration at the way Poplar is talked about – as deprived, as rough, as dodgy – you name it, we’ve heard it!

Poplar is changing rapidly, with new businesses and opportunities popping up all the time.

We wanted to talk about these exciting changes in a positive way. To shout about the things we love about Poplar – its uniqueness, rich history, energy and its diverse community.

MyPPLR started off as an events listing website, which had its uses – if nothing else it helped us plan our evenings and weekends – but it didn’t tell the whole story. We wanted to bring Poplar to life with stories, blogs and area guides to really celebrate what Poplar has to offer.

In doing so, we hope to put Poplar on the map as THE place to visit. For who wouldn’t want a weekend of pie n mash picnics in parks overlooking the Limehouse canal, comparing results from that tense time trial at Revolution Karting?


We see MyPPLR as a kind of ‘Timeout London’ for Poplar – informal, chatty and opinionated. And it by no means covers everything worth doing and seeing in Poplar.

That’s where you come in. We’re relying on our readers to fill in the gaps – so give us a shout if there’s anything you think we should know about your favourite haunts.

And if you disagree with our discoverPPLR reviews, write us a blog explaining why! If you’re organising an interesting local event, submit an event listing. Or if you’re a local business looking to promote your work, check out the advertising space on our site.


MyPPLR is for all things Poplar. If you like the sound of this, help us spread the word by sharing the site with your networks.



The PPLR Team


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