Side Effects – A Tender Ballsy and Pacey Play

1 September 2017

Side Effects – A Tender Ballsy and Pacey Play

Side Effects – A play where 5 young people, struggling with zero-hours contracts, ridiculous rents and sky high university fees sign up to take part in a clinical drug trial for some extra cash… The side effects of which leave the participants changed forever.

Playwright Iman Qureshi looks at what it means to grow up in Britain today.  It’s a pacy – just over one hour – ballsy, anything that addresses race, religion, science and sexuality usually is. But also tender; it compassionately articulates the interconnectedness of humanity through our shared stories. It’s not unusual for this former journalist to write about race and sexuality. These two themes play supporting characters and illustrate the importance of identity. “Know your journey, appreciate your journey and where you come from. It enriches humanity,” explains Qureshi.

A lover of listening and seeing stories unfold she considers herself lucky to tell her own stories.  “It’s how we connect with each other”. Another great reason to check out the play presented by Purple Moon Drama,  it’s free.  Yes, you read that correctly. Qureshi is urging all those who don’t usually attend the theatre to come and watch it.   Purple Moon Drama is a performing arts theatre company delivering engaging and inspiring performances.

She hopes Side Effects highlights the importance of knowing your history and inspires people to find out about their own heritage.

“It helps us challenge the cultural myths and stereotypes of today”.  Qureshi urges people from diverse backgrounds to attend.   This is a play for you.

“[We are but] tiny drops in the oceans of our cultures and families of the many stories that will be told”, she shares.


Side Effects
Dates – 7th 8, 9 September
Time – 7.30PM
Venue – Crossrail Place Roof Garden
Canary Wharf E14 5AR

Date – Sunday 10th September
Time – 4pm
Venue – Poplar Union
2 Cotall Street Poplar E14 6TL

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