Poplar Peddlers: A Poem

Poplar Peddlers: A Poem

On Saturday I went out on my first ride with Poplar Peddlers. Here’s a poem about our day:


The Peddlers gathered outside Kafe 1788

For a day, they were promised, would be great.

Some lycra clad, some cycling mad

The sun was shining, how could it be bad?


After coffee and some chatter, the Peddlers departed

Most pushed off with energy, some more half-hearted.

Dave the brave took the lead, the rest of us followed

As we darted through traffic, and by lorries, were not swallowed.

We stayed mainly together, true to the group

Though some saw the A12 and thought…I’ll just do a quick loop!


At midday we saw countryside – we’d finally arrived,

in the forest of Epping where we took time to revive

With a tea, some cake, and sandwiches a plenty,

Hannah ate more than others…and left the cafe empty.


With everyone full, and heavy as toads

We bombed down the hill and into the road (not really).

We paused just a second to enjoy the sun on our face,

Then set off back to Poplar, our favourite place.


The route was downhill, smooth tarmac and long

Riding was easy, we thought what could go wrong?

Then out of the blue, a car signalled out right

Breaks were slammed on, the gap was quite tight…

Into the back of my bike, one Peddler careered

causing her to pop out her peddles, as the pavements neared

Noone was hurt; the incident was not dark,

And nothing else happened…until a tyre tube popped in the Olympic Park


With a sleight of hand, the tube was soon changed

And we made it safely back to Poplar, with no more fun and games

Our legs were achy, our thighs felt of great weight

But we were proud of our distance of 50.8! (km)


By Harriet – a Peddler

P.S. if this has inspired you to join, you can find out more here

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