Enterprise of the Week – Curry Hut

Enterprise of the Week – Curry Hut

For the latest instalment of our Enterprise of the Week series, we bagged an interview with local legend CJ, manager of Chrisp Street Market Square’s Curry Hut. We spoke to him about business life and (unsuccessfully) tried to extract some of his foody secrets…


How long have you been running a business in Poplar for?

It’s a family run business, and we’ve been here since 1994 – over two decades now!


What’s your experience of running a business in Poplar been like?

I’ve had a great time – it’s very diverse and offers a fantastic sense of community. Everyone comes together when they need to and it means that every working day is different, which adds to a really nice atmosphere.


What’s your favourite type of curry?

I’m a meat eater, so I prefer Lamb curry. Can’t go wrong with that normally?


And finally, what are the secrets to making a good curry?

Well that would be telling, wouldn’t it!


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