Animals to Abstract: Street Art in Poplar

Animals to Abstract: Street Art in Poplar

By Nicola Rushton 


Poplar is fast becoming a hub of street art. From animals to abstract – you can spot all of these Insta-friendly walls within minutes of Chrisp Street Market.

Kerbey Street Bird












This is the first of the Kerbey Street artworks, just off of East India Dock Road. This distinctive bird was spray painted by Brazilian street artist, Mateus Bailon. Check out his Instagram to see more of his colourful and visceral wildlife murals.













As you begin to walk down Kerbey Street, take a swift right after the bird and you will find these seemingly listening ears in the hidden alleyway painted by Austrian artist, El Jerrino.  You can see how he created this piece on YouTube and more of his surreal and futuristic street art on his Instagram page.

The Love Wall











Going back onto Kerbey Street and the next stop is the Love Wall, by New York artist, Chris Riggs. Also known as Chris Riggs for Mayor following a run for NYC Mayor in 2004, his work carries a political undertone – these current ‘love’ murals being painted around the world come with the message, ‘Peace and Love is the only solution’. Find out more here and here.

Calligraphy and Doors

Further down Kerbey Street and directly next to each other are the three stained glass effect doors by DRT and the intricate black and white mural, spray painted by Cesare Citriniti (Stay True Graphics). See Citriniti in action on YouTube and his Instagram page.


Phone Tap, Banksy

Yes, there is a real Banksy right here in Poplar. A comment on the 2011 phone hacking scandal, you can see this funny little fella along Chrisp Street towards East India Dock Road.

The Chihuahua

And last but not least, we have the biggest small dog you’ve ever seen – an 80ft Chihuahua (who we like to call, Chaz), painted on the side of Kilmore House on Chrisp Street. By the anonymous street artists, Irony & Boe.

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