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NutritionElle – Food Workshop

Date/Day: 8th August @ 6:30 pm

Time: 29th August @ 7:30 pm

Cost: Free


Poplar Union
2 Cotall Street
London ,E14 6TL
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Telephone: 020 3039 3333

People are becoming more consciously engaged in supporting their health through diet but, sometimes it’s hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. There’s a huge amount of conflicting info out there, from diet plans to superfoods to detoxes – so, what should we be eating?

These sessions are aimed at anyone who is interested in exploring how the latest scientific findings on diet and health can be utilised to adjust diet and improve health in an affordable and achievable way.

Come along, get the facts, try some tasty foods and leave with recipe cards and the ability to make an informed choice about your diet and health!

Weekly Schedule:

8th August: Dairy and your health

What does dairy do in your body and how could it effect your health?

15th August: Cholesterol and your health

Understanding the impact and reducing the risk.

22nd August: Protein and you

How much do you need and is all protein the same?

29th August: Eating for a healthy weight

How can a full diet promote a slim weight?

NutritionElle – Food Workshop
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